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The Dark Angel

One cold autumn night, where only the murmur of silence could be heard, there was a dark angel holding a purple star, which was a product of his imagination. One day, he heard the crackling of many diamonds among the trees and the star came to him without any warning, just came and settled delicately … Leer más “The Dark Angel”

El ave fénix

Me escapé de ella y caí en medio de un desierto  nevado Mis ropas blancas estaban  sangrantes y desgarradas Su poderosa  voz asfixiaba mi mente Cerré los ojos y me llevé las manos a las sienes Bloqueando sus lamentos que me llaman Temo oírla nuevamente y que me arrastre a su interior Ese desierto se … Leer más “El ave fénix”

This is how my awakening was

The first time I heard about Cognitive Dissonance* it was a difficult concept to understand, I didn’t realize that the emotional conflicts that were occurring within me fitted into it. It was a gradual process… it didn’t happen overnight. Something inside me was always telling me that the Watchtower Organization was not as sincere as … Leer más “This is how my awakening was”

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